♛Basic Information♛

Founding Date:

November 8th, 2016

Member Count:



allies: Sorta, members: yes.



Motto: "We May Stalk in The Night, We May Be The Cats Of The Moon And Stars, But One Thing We Know is: We are MoonClan!!!"
Species: Feral felines.


Leaders: name: MoonStar, user: SnowStar45 (Dead) (Made Up By AshStar)

name: AshStar, user: SnowStar45 (Alive) (Founder)


ShadeStripe (Alive)

Realms: Neutral
Belief: StarClan
Names: When We Comment/Msg Another Clan We Use Our Whole Names, Example:

Greetings (EXAMPLE)Clan

(The Msg)

-(Example:) AcornFur

When We Are Talking To Another Clan Mate We Only Use The First Name, Example:

Hai (Example:) Acorn!

Clan Names: Rouge Pack Name:

Moon And Stars

Clan Name:


Games We're on: MineCraft, Animal Jam, Transformice, Roblox,

And we Contact on Google HangOuts

♛Dress Code♛

PELT mhmmm
Warrior senior warrior


1: Respecting and obeying the leader

You must always respect the leader, for they have a higher rank than you, and make the decisions for the Clan and it is usually for the best. When the leader gives you an order, you must not argue and must do as you are told or else punishments will be received.

2: Feeding the Clan First

After hunting you must put your caught prey on the fresh-kill pile, or bring it to the elders, kits and queens, or medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice. If you eat before feeding your Clan first, you will get punished.

3: Staying Loyal to Your Clan

Cats of MoonClan should only be loyal to this Clan only, for you may have friends in another Clan, but your heart and loyalty must remain to MoonClan. If you choose to ignore this rule, you will be considered a traitor and the Clan will be able to do (mostly) anything they want to you because you cannot be considered their "Clanmate" anymore unless you regain their trust. This includes Double Clanning.

4: Harming a Clanmate

Cats in MoonClan have a very strong problem with those who break this rule (Unless Other Reasons. See: "3: Staying Loyal to Your Clan)." If you are to harm a Clanmate, there will be consequences. Of course you may hurt them by mistake but there is proof required to know it was only "an accident."

5: Choosing one World

Cats have either the choice of being a wild cat in MoonClan, or the soft life of a kittypet or the life in another clan. You cannot have each paw in two different worlds. You are expected to choose one, and stick to that.

6: Drama

Of course everyone loves a little drama to make roleplay interesting, right? But some take it too far, for they seem to thrive on attention. Please keep the drama to a fair limit. If you don't, you could start to get on a Clanmate's nerves.

7: Spam

Please, oh please, just don't spam the comments. It gets very annoying and will drown out important comments like forms or an announcement. If you are caught spamming, we will block you from the wiki for a period of time this good enough of a punishment.

8: Mates

Most love the company and affection of a mate, but like before, keep drama to a limit (See: "6: Drama") for if you have more than 1 mate, you will have to pick one no matter the consiquences. The hatred of the other "mate" you didn't choose, is probably enough of a punishment, and the mate you did choose will mostly have the same look on you after knowing you were with another cat, even though you did pick them.

9: There are Borders for a Reason

Don't, and I mean don't, cross over the territory of another Clan. You have your own territory here at MoonClan. You may just be chasing prey across the border and didn't scent it, but there will still be a minor punishment because as a MoonClan cat, you are expected to have enough sense of the world around you.

10: Battles

A very common rule, and a very good one. Warriors or any cat who is fighting for their Clan in a battle, does not need to kill a cat to win it. Of course you need to survive, so don't take this the wrong way, but, if the opponent is really trying to wound you on a murderous level or kill you, you have unspoken permission to do whatever it takes you keep yourself breathing.

11: Being Active

MoonClan has to be active to become a growing roleplaying group, which includes you. You need to be active if you are going to join. If you are not on for 7 days, you can be exiled from MoonClan. Perhaps you do get exiled,  but you were on vacation. This would only happen if you didn't tell AshStar or one of moonclans staff you were on vacation. All in all, be active, and if you know you wont be on for that amount of time, please inform the staff. This includes if you aren't on during roleplay. If its reported you have either not been on during roleplay/been on but didn't roleplay, repeated times, you will be spoken to and if it happens again, you know what happens. Of course you may not be able to go on times we might usually roleplay, but most days we roleplay all night. MoonClan aims to be an active roleplaying community.

12: Messing With the Herbs

Lastly, messing with the medicine cat's herbs. If you have no common sense, this rule is for you. If you mess with the herbs that the medicine cat needs to keep this Clan going and alive, you will receive a punishment that is chosen by the medicine cat, based on how much damage you have caused. Don't even think about the medicine cat treating you right away or first after you've done something like this.

13: Vocab

Please don't use special vocab, most of the clan cant read it. and if someone attacks you with vocab then just ingore them and tell staff, it wont count if you cant read it, its not powerplaying, just fairness.

Assorted Rules for Kits

-Cannot leave camp

-Cannot have a mate

-Cannot have kits

-Once kits are born, the following day they will turn 1 moon, then the next weeks will add one more moon, for 2 weeks = 1 moon.

Assorted Rules for Apprentices

-Cannot leave camp without notice

-Cannot have a mate

-Cannot have kits

-New apprentices will be at 6 moons. Training takes 8 moons (16 weeks) so they will be a warrior by 14 moons. This also includes if they got enough training.

Assorted Rules for Warriors

-Cannot boss around leaders or deputy's

-Must fight for his/her clan

-Must help hunt

-Must obey their orders from a leader

-Cannot become deputy without at least training ONE apprentice into a warrior

Assorted Rules for Queens

-Must protect the kits, even if it risks their life

-Must not abuse/kill/not feed the kits, if you do you will get a punishment no questions asked

-Must take care of her kits till they all become apprentices before she goes back to her normal rank

-Must tell leader the name of the kit before it becomes a Aprentice

Assorted Rules for Med Cats

-Cannot have a mate

-Cannot have kits

-Must need to know how to properly heal their Clan

-Must know all their herbs

-Cannot test stuff on someone else or them self's

-Can only test stuff on unwanted prey (mostly spare mice and rats)

Assorted Rules for Deputy's

-Cannot boss around the leaders

-Must help the clan with hunting

-Must prove their loyalty before becoming leader or will have to return to being a warrior

-Always controls the battles and patrols

-If one of the leaders is sick or not well Must take her/his place at the gatherings (Only gatherings)

Assorted Rules For Staff

-Only leaders, deputys, co-deputys, and medic cats can be in the staff, if you ask over 10 times you will be banned

-If something happened to you/someone then tell staff and they'll do their best to help

-Just because your a part of staff doesn't mean your freely aloud to edit the page, if you do they'll most likely ban you from being apart of staff and make you a warrior

-Staff decides the choices for the clan, but if the leader is not known of the choices then the rest of staff will get a punishment, this could very from Temporarily Ban Or Set To a Warrior to a Ban on the wiki



(Least to worst)

Apprentice duty's

'Cant eat for a day'

Cant eat for three Days

 Scared on nose, ear or back

  Given a double punishment

Twisted foreleg

  Killed kits


  Exiled and chased out of territory

  Exiled and chased for 3 days


Long painful death

Long painful death by someone you love

Gatherings Or Ceremony's



These Are Our Allies, Being Rude To Them Will Result in a Punishment.

(i Swear if Anyone Hurts Hy Brasil it Will Cause Major Trouble)


We beat MapleClan (HeroIsU) in a war!

The Page is Finally Deleted (I cannot express how happy i am)

Alliance Form

How did you find us?:



Benefits for MoonClan:

Benefits for Your Clan:

Share territory?:

Groups Name:

(extra OC'S don't count, we will find out if your lying about this)

Member count:

Leaders Animal Jam UserName:

Leaders OC name:

Deputy's Animal Jam UserName:

Deputy's OC name:

Why do you want to ally with us?:

If the alliance is to end, Don't yell/smart mouth/insult us, it just gets you into a bigger mess.

Joining form

Hangouts, MineCraft, Transformice, and animal jam Username:


OC's Description:

Desired Rank:

How Did You Find Us?:

Past Clans/Packs:


Theme Song:


Cat Species:

Your Personality:

RolePlay example:


Picture of OC:


Joining oath:

~I, (Your Name), Swear with my heart and soul, With my strength and my loyalties, To protect my new Family, MoonClan, And stay with my new family till the end~


No this is leader XD
Leader. [1/1] (Part Of Staff) The Most Wisest, Strongest, Respected And Sometimes Called The Boss, This Cat Leads The Clan Threw Thick And Thin, And Controls the battles and Patrols If The Deputy Cant And Will Always Put Their Clan First.
Deputy. [1/1] (Part Of Staff) The Second In Command, Will Control/lead the battles/Patrols, And Will Take The Place Of The Leader When They Retire Or Die.
Co-Deputy. [1/1] (Part Of Staff)

Almost The Same as The Deputy, But With Less Power. These Strong Cats Will Become The Deputy Once The Deputy Becomes Leader Or Retires/Dies.

Medicine Cat. [1/1] (Part Of Staff) These Wise Cats Are Who Treat infections And heal injures, They Also Get Omens And Guidance From Starclan.
Medic apprentice
Medicine Cat Apprentice. [Not Needed/1] These Cats Are Training To Become Our Wise And Trusted Medicine Cats, They Train So Hard So They Deserve Our Respect And Trust.
Senior Warriors/Warriors. [9/infinite] These Are The Cats Who Protect, Feed, And Help Us, They Fight In Battles And Solve The Many Mystery's Of The Clans.
Queens. [0/20] These Protective Females Are The Expecting Or Nursing Mothers Of Our Young, They Love Their Kits Probably More Then The Clan, But Who Can Judge Them?
Apprentices. [1/infinity] These Big Fluffs Are The Future Of The Clan, They Start Training At 6 Moons And it Takes Them 12 Moons To Become Warriors, They Take Care Of The Elders And Help Feed And Fight For The Clan.
Kit (Kitten). [0/0] These Little Cotton Balls Are The Youngest Things in The Clan, Their Taken Care Of By The Queens.
Elders. [0/10]

These Are The Oldest Cats in The Clan, They Deserve As Much Respect And Care As Possible.

Clan Members


Animal Jam Username/Name/Rank
CurryPuff/RavenFeather/Medic Cat



(Mt. Shiveer) High Stones,

MoonClans territory, Though the other clans may come into our territory to talk to Starclan, We're alright with it as long as they don't barge into our camp or insult us

(Snowstar45's den) MoonStone

A beautiful rock that can let all clans talk to Starclan. </center>

Hope To See You Again!


MoonClan Staff

MoonClans Staff! ShadeStripe: The Deputy, AshStar: The Leader, LilyPetel: The Co-Deputy, And RavenFeather: The Medic Cat, (thank you craftyplay tale (aka ShadeStripe!) for the art <3)

Need help getting around? no problem!

Credit To Cbsswindle For The Borders </center>

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